Adolescent to Parent/Carer Violence and Abuse

The day aims to increase knowledge and awareness of child to parent violence and abuse and ways to respond; looking at support services, networks and referral agencies.

Adolescent to parent/carer violence (APV) is still quite a new way of thinking about familial abuse; APV has always existed but has only been recognised in the last 10 years as a genuine issue for parents.  Parents/carers who experience APV are often unsure of who they can seek help from and often believe that they will be blamed and are quite often embarrassed and/or feel guilty for the situation that they find themselves in.

Training, Support & Development standards:

1.1 Principles and Values, 1.2 Equality, Inclusion and Anti-Discriminatory practice, 1.3 Person-centered Approach, 1.4 Confidentiality and Sharing information, 2.1 Fostering Role, 2.2 Legislation, policies and Procedures, 2.3 Relationships with Parents and Others, 2.4 Team Working, 3.4 Personal Safety and Security, 4.2 Knowing about Communication, 5.1 Understanding Development of Children and Young People, 5.2 Understanding Resilience and Self-Esteem, 5.5 Supporting Educational Potential, 5.6 Understanding Contexts, 6.1 Legislation, Policies and Procedures, 6.2 Keeping Children Safe, 6.4 Working with Other Agencies, 7.1 Understanding the Role and Approval of a Foster Carer, 7.3 Using Support and Supervision to Develop as a Carer, 7.4 Meeting Learning Needs as part of CPD