Foster care and the Law

Training courses for foster carers

Foster carers are working within the legal system associated to ‘Looked after children’ and because of this, need to have a basic understanding of associated legislation and requirements.

Foster carers need to be aware of the Children Act, National Minimum Standards and Every Child Matters and the importance of these for them as foster carers.

This 1 day course meets the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care:

1)Understand principles and values essential to foster children and young people  –  1.1a, 1.3 : 2)Understanding your role as a foster carer – 2.2a, 2.2b and 2.4b : 3)Understanding Health and Safety and Healthy Care – 3.1a, 3.3a, 3.3c, 3.3e : 4)Know how to communicate effectively – 4.3a : 5) Understand the development of children and young people – 5.3b, 5.3c, 5.5b, 5.7a : 6) Keeping children and young people safe from harm – 6.1a and 6.1b : 7) Develop yourself – 7.1a, 7.3d