Fostering Teenagers

The adolescent years of development can be difficult for a young person who has experience of  growing up in a secure, positive family environment. Growing up and trying work your way through adolescence positively after experiencing neglect and abuse in your formative years, can be at times impossible. Cared for teenagers can be some of the most difficult children to foster, but they can also be some of the most rewarding children to foster. This one or two day course focuses on fostering teenagers and gaining some insight to what is going on in their world, affecting the way they behave and how to care for them appropriately.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of  Training, Support and Development standards for foster care: 3.3c3.4b 4.1a 4.1b 4.1c 4.2d 5.1a 5.1b 5.1c 5.3a 5.3b 5.3c 5.6c 5.7a 6.2a 6.2c 7.4b