Working With Identity and Low Self Esteem Issues

Training courses for foster carers

A child’s identity, culture, race, religion, language,sexuality etc must be positively promoted.

Foster carers have a responsibility to promote the positive development of a child’s identity.

It is a vitally important foundation of foster care that a child or young person’s healthy emotional and physical development are encouraged.

This course focuses on issues of identity and the promotion of positive self worth, within the care the foster carers provide.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: Standard 1 :1.1  1.2  1.3  1.4,, Standard 2: 2.1a  2.3a  2.3b Standard 3: 3.3c Standard 4: 4.1a  4.1b  4.1d  4.2b  4.2c  4.3c Standard 5: 5.1a  5.1b  5.1c  5.3a  5.3b  5.3c  5.4a  5.4b  5.5b  5.6a  5.6b  5.6cStandard 6: 6.2a  6.2b  6.2c  6.3a  6.3b  6.3b  6.3c Standard 7: 7.1b  7.2a  7.3a  7.3c  7.3d  7.4b