Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a significant issue in the UK today. Nearly a quarter of young adults (24.1%) experienced sexual abuse (including contact and non-contact), by an adult or by a peer during childhood. . One in six children aged 11-17 (16.5%) have experienced sexual abuse.(NSPCC, 2013)

The course is for anyone who comes into regular contact with children and who needs a basic understanding of Sexual Abuse and related factors.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: 1.2 a Care which respects a child’s individual and diverse background, 3.1 Understanding healthy care, 5.1 Understanding stages of attachment disruption, 5.7 Helping children achieve a health sexual identity, 6.1 Understanding child protection legislation, 6.2 Keeping children safe, 6.3 Recognising and responding to abuse, 7.2 Understanding the impact of fostering on wider family