Working in partnership

Training courses for foster carers

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children …

“depends on effective joint working between agencies and professionals that have different roles and expertise. Individual children, especially some of the most vulnerable children and those at greatest risk of social exclusion, will need co-ordinated help from health, education, children’s social care, and quite possibly the voluntary sector and other agencies.” (Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2006)

This one day course focuses on some of the dilemma’s foster carers experience in promoting the needs of the children, whilst trying to balance and understand issues affecting those who are important to a foster child.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: 1.1 Principles and Values, 1.2 Equality, Inclusion and Anti – Discriminatory Practice, 1.3 Person – Centred Approaches, 1.4 Confidentiality and Sharing Information, 2.1 Fostering Role, 2.2 Legislation, Policies and Procedures, 2.3 Relationships with Parents and Others, 2.4 Team Working, 4.4 Communication with organisations, 4.5 Principles of keeping good records, 5.3 Transitions, 5.6 Understanding contexts, 6.1 Legislation, policies and procedures, 6.2 Keeping children safe, 6.4 Working with other agencies, 6.5 ‘Whistle-blowing’ (reporting failures in duty).