Allegations And Safer Caring Awareness

Training courses for foster carers

This course provides an update and refresher on the safer caring principles practices for foster carers. Are you confident that the Safe Caring guidelines for your family cover the realities of life in your home? What happens if a child makes an allegation about a friend or family member?

This course will use case studies to explore issues for carers in thinking about particular difficulties which they may face in the caring for foster/accommodated children in their home/unit and what actually happens if an allegation is made about a member of their family or team. Participants will be actively encouraged to draw up a safe caring agreement/guidelines which are relevant to their family or team, for discussion with their Supervising Social Worker or Line Manager.

This 1 day course meets the requirments of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: 2.2 a, b, 2.6 a, c, 3.1 b, 3.2 a, 4.5 b, 6.1 a, b, 6.2 b, c, d