Anti- Radicalisation Training For Foster Carers

Radicalisation is a serious issue in the world today and it is a known fact that vulnerable and isolated young  people are at a higher risk  of being radicalised. This happens when a a young person’s thinking and behaviour may become significantly different from how most of the members of their family, society and community view social issues and participate politically. Only small numbers of young people are radicalised and they can be from a diverse range of ethnic, national, political and religious groups. Radicalisation is an issue which is becoming increasingly prominent in the media and in world events. It is important that foster carers have a general understanding of the radicalisation and the associated issues , as this is a significant part of their safeguarding role, protecting children and young people from all risks within society.

This 1 day course meets the requirments of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: 1.2a, 1.2b, 2.1b, 2.3a, 3.4a, b, c, 3.5a, 4.1a, b, c, d, 4.4a, 4.4b and 5.2a