De-Escalation Training

Caring for Looked after children can be challenging, as they can display aggressive, non-compliant and abusive behaviours towards many different individuals within their lives. Recognising the early signs of escalating behaviour and knowing what to do , to de-escalate the behaviour may be the difference to a fostering placement ending or continuing. All fostering agencies advise foster carers not to restrain children if at all possible, because of the risks to both children and the adults involved. This course provides practical information on how to recognise and deal with appropriately, escalating and dysfunctional behaviours displayed by looked after children.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of  Training, Support and Development standards for foster care: : 3.4 a, b, c, 4.1 a, b, c, 4.2 a, b, 7.3 b, c, d

Testimonials for De-Escalation Training

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