Fostering A Parent and Child

Training courses for foster carers

Caring for a parent and child Part 1  is an introduction to Parent and Child Placements, providing  foster carers with an idea of what the expectations of them will be, as well as giving an overview of what types of placement can be expected.

The course also explores the developmental needs of children and the importance of attachment. Parent and Child Placement fostering is a specialist type of fostering which entails a great deal of dedication, commitment and requires the foster carers to provide comprehensive recording, possibly to be utilised within the court arena.

This 1 day course meets the requirements of the Training, Support and Development Standards for foster care: Standard 1 1a, b, 2a, b, c, 3a,b,c, 4a,b, Standard 2 : 3a, b, 4c,Standard 41a,b,c, 2a,b, 3a,b,c, 4a,b, 5a,b,c,d,Standard 5 1a, b, c,Standard 6:  1b, 2a,b,c,d, 3b,e, 5a,b,Standard 7  1a, 2a, 3 b,d,e, 4a,d 5a,e,

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