Safeguarding Supervision & Management Oversight

The course will support managers to understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding cases as well as the importance of management oversight to ensure sufficient importance is given to the voice of the child. Managers will know the procedural requirements for the necessary point at which they are required to evidence management decisions and oversight on the child’s record. They will be familiar with evidence based tools in supervision that enable them to provide effective supervision.

Training Methods: the training methods used are varied to consider the learning styles of all participants, visual, experiential and auditory. Whilst power point is used as an overview of the main points, there are group exercises to apply the discrepancy matrix and develop hypotheses and apply research and serious case review findings. There is also an interactive group exercise used to illustrate the effectiveness of reflective supervision. There will be opportunities to have creative conversations and learn from the experience within the group. The participants are encouraged to devise a list of action points to take back to their agencies to synthesis their learning from the workshop.